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Tales from Rat City

Dedicated to uncovering the forgotten stories of Ballarat’s dark and bizarre past, we are an award-winning podcast series. Our period is roughly 1850 – 1920s, a period that’s easily researched thanks to the extensive digitisation of newspaper archives.

David Waldron18157653_10154453242187124_1928146247533936287_n

David, the co-host on each episode, is a folklorist and historian with Federation University. He specialises in popular legends and urban folklore, with a particular focus on the Ballarat region. His work has encompassed a wide range of fascinating topics, and in many ways this podcast is a highlights reel of the most interesting stories unearthed in his extensive research.

David has written several books, most recently the excellent Goldfields & the Gothic. His books can be bought online.

Tom Hodgson13932778_10155295157935200_4281734826417708934_n

Tom’s work as a journalist has taken him around the globe, but he eventually chose to make Ballarat his home when he fell in love with Ballarat’s rich history and architecture. With a background in radio, audio production, writing and editing – Tom develops scripts for the episodes, co-hosts, and does the technical stuff.

Tom helped set up Ballarat Frolic Festival, Ballarat’s Queer Festival. He also writes at Insert Wisdom.

Katrina Hill18121803_10154465055295496_5753107695658881512_o.jpg

Katrina is an experienced and talented performer with extensive experience in the 1800s Goldfields period.

On Tales from Rat City, Katrina brings her considerable experience in the performing arts & 1800s life to cast and direct our actors in accurately portraying the era. Katrina also performs in our episodes.

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