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Tales from Rat City

Dedicated to uncovering the forgotten stories of Ballarat’s dark and bizarre past, we are an award-winning podcast series. Our period is roughly 1850 – 1920s, a period that’s easily researched thanks to the extensive digitisation of newspaper archives.

David Waldron18157653_10154453242187124_1928146247533936287_n

David, the co-host on each episode, is a folklorist and historian with Federation University. He specialises in popular legends and urban folklore, with a particular focus on the Ballarat region. His work has encompassed a wide range of fascinating topics, and in many ways this podcast is a highlights reel of the most interesting stories unearthed in his extensive research.

David has written several books, most recently the excellent Goldfields & the Gothic. His books can be bought online.

Tom Hodgson13932778_10155295157935200_4281734826417708934_n

Tom’s work as a journalist has taken him around the globe, but he settled down when he fell in love with Ballarat’s rich history and architecture. With a background in radio, audio production, writing and editing – Tom writes the series, sometimes co-hosts, and assists with the technical stuff.

Tom co-founded Ballarat Frolic Festival, Ballarat’s Queer Festival.
He also writes at Insert Wisdom.

Katrina Hill18121803_10154465055295496_5753107695658881512_o.jpg

Katrina is an experienced and talented performer with extensive experience in the 1800s Goldfields period.

On Tales from Rat City, Katrina brings her considerable experience in the performing arts & 19th century life to cast and direct our actors in accurately portraying the era.

Katrina also performs in many of our episodes.

Shannon Nicholls118793334_660297354867440_7337889895471156590_n

Shannon, born of Brannon, disinherited Earl of Ballarat was seized by Katrina “Smasher” Hill’s post-apocalyptic blood horde and brought to Sky Wizard Dr David Waldron. Sky Wizard Dr David ensorcelled Shannon to serve out his days in menial drugery behind the scenes of Tales from Rat City.

Shannon edits the audio, maintains the website, and handles much of the invisible magic that makes the project possible. Only if the podcast series reaches 1000 followers will David’s science-magic curse be lifted and Shannon free to claim his rightful throne. Shannon’s mindcurse is occasionally weakened – permitting him to pursue his acting career, most recently in a leading role of Watson in Someone New Theatre’s production of Sherlock Holmes.

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