Bonus Content

Here you can find our appearances on other shows and some great historical recreations from a local historical society.


In August 2020, David Waldron was invited by the fabulous folk at Fabulous Folklore to participate in the online event Folk-a-pa-lore-za, where folklore podcasters around the world came together to discuss their work, their research and their favourite piece of folklore. The event took the form of a competition where each presenter was asked to present their favourite example of folklore and vote for the favourite was held.

Part One – an introduction, and all stories but the final one.

Part Two – the final story, the discussion, debate, and finally voting for the favourite story.

Woady Yallock Historical Society

Below you can find two pieces by the the Woady Yaloak Historical Society. For more content from the society, check out their Facebook.

Assault & Buttery

An amusing recreation of an bizarre 1872 Smythesdale court case, Cunningham v Shephard, involving assault with a pound of butter.

Assault & Buttery, Woady Yalock Historical Society

Cardigan Mine Disaster

This recording has been recovered from an old audio cassette, we apologise for the quality limitations and slight gaps in beginning and end of recording. Regardless the content is impressively crafted and, we believe, worth sharing. Join this visceral tour of the deadly 1902 Cardigan Mine flooding.

Cardigan Mine Disaster, Woady Yalock Historical Society
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