Affairs of the Spirit

Mediums, seances and contacting the dead; all a normal day in the 1800’s social movement known as Spiritualism. Discover how this bizarre movement embraced progressive social causes, infuriated the church, and incorporated the latest technology of the day.

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Cast for Episode 1:

Jamie Gleeson – Anti-Slade and Arch Deacon
Timothy Corrigan – Lecturer, James Campbell, Napoleon and Mr Pagan
Benjamin Marshall – James Curtis and Wizard Jacobs
Emma Matthews – Annie Beale
Collin Van Uden – Reporter
Katrina Hill – Elizabeth Curtis

Header image: Jolly, Martyn. & Canberra Contemporary Art Space. & Scott Donovan Gallery. (2001). Faces of the living dead : the spirit photography of Mrs Ada Deane [1920 – 30s]. Canberra, A.C.T : [Canberra Contemporary Art Space]

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  1. Reblogged this on Spiritualist connections in Victoria, Australia and commented:
    Greg Young interviewed in the course of this podcast.


  2. W0nderful show, glad the folks at Monster Talk recommended it – I’ll keep listening.

    The Goblin Universe is always with us.


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