Jac Jorgenson

Join Tom, David and their guest, historic reenactor Chase Day, as they uncover the story of Jac Jorgenson, and discuss the rich tradition of women in the military. See below for our gallery of remarkable female fighters, courtesy of Chase’s Facebook group Bob the Reenactor.

John ‘Jac’ Jorgenson (or Jorgensen) moved to country Victoria in the 1800s, worked as a farmhand and joined the local mounted rifles. But not everything in their life was as it seemed and upon their death their carefully constructed life story came unraveled.

Listen to the episode here, or on most major podcasting services.


  • Collin van Uden
  • Emil Freund
    Newspaper Editor, Farmer Bailey, Major Hoad, Dr Haarse
  • Wes Scott:
    Farmhand, Mr McColl
  • Ben Marshall:
    Jac’s Friend, Colonel Price, Dr McGillivray, Constable Bennett
  • Rebecca O’Callaghan:
    Theresa Newman (Jac’s sister)


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  1. Scott Couper 8 May 2019 — 8:26 am

    Are you guys doing more of these? They’re awesome!


    • Thanks Scott, I cannot express enough how much we appreciate the feedback 🙂

      We sure are, only we’ve had a huge delay getting starting this year for 101 reasons. But, the good news! We have an episode fully recorded about the disturbing history of Ararat Asylum and in the editing phase right now which we hope to release within a fortnight. Sorry for the wait. In the meantime, you may not have noticed the Woady Yalloack Historical Society kindly let us host their very amusing recreation of a most unusual court case. Check that out to tide you over: https://talesfromratcity.com/woady-yaloak/


  2. Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett may interest you…


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