Moonlight In Prison – Part II

Tales from Rat City presents the second instalment in the story of notorious Australian bushranger; Captain Moonlight.
Join us, as our actors bring to life the tale of his escape from the Ballarat Gaol, his second trial for the Egerton bank robbery, and the beginning of his famous relationship with James Nesbitt.

Research by David Waldron
Script by Thomas Hodgson
Actor Wrangling” by Katrina Hill
Editing/Sound Direction by Shannon Nicholls
Intro music by Maggie Littlejohn,
Voice Credits;
Emil Freund: Captain Moonlight
Timothy Corrigan: James Nesbitt/Various
Rohan Waldron: Young Boy
Collin Van Uden: News Reporter/Various
Kaine Hansen: Judge/Various
Beau Adrianius Alexander Schoenmaker: Detective Brown/Various
Shannon Nicholls: Detective Alexander/Various

Many thanks to our listeners, and our patrons!!

Former Ballarat gaol c1861

Images sourced from:
(James Nesbitt; Right-
(Andrew Scott: Left-
(Old Ballarat Gaol:


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