Episode 5: The Call of the Bunyip

If you grew up in Australia, you’re guaranteed to have heard something of the Bunyip. A mythical beast said to inhabit rivers and billabongs. Yet the features are hazy, and no one can agree how it looks.

Despite the wide familiarity, few Australians would know the bizarre and wonderful Indigenous tale that lies behind it. Academic Paul Michael Donovan joins us to explain how his compelling and fascinating research may have shed light on this ancient legend, and provide a pretty good case for just what exactly the original bunyip was.



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  1. I created a show a few years ago called I bunyip which explored the bunyip folklore around australia from the blue mountains, to arnhem land, to east Gippsland, to the Coorong, . thanks for your pod cast , it’s great to hear others making investigations into culture that has suffered greatly from white occupation.


  2. Congratulations…great episode!


  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This is an insightful podcast in terms of Australia’s Aboriginal culture and intangible heritage


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