Edward de Lacy Evans

Edward’s unnoticed and perfectly ordinary life comes completely unravelled after a dramatic public unmasking.


Benjamin Marshall – Pamphlet Writer
Jamie Gleeson – Mr Gundry, Mr Brennan
Collin Van Uden – Justice Strickland, Journalist, Fellow Miner, Dr Poland
Lisa Trelor – Edward de Lacy Evans, Neighbour
Ellen Barkla – Nurse Holt, Julia Marquand
Elise Dowdell – Mrs McEvoy, Sarah
Katrina Hill – Madame Sibley


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  1. The social norms reject so much reality. BTW, is the Marquis of Waterford briefly mentioned the same one suspected by some of being at least partly responsible for Springheel Jack’s escapades?


    • It is a theory put forward at the time in relation to the popular view at the time these displays were by rich diletentes directed agaist the working class. Its covered in the book Spirits of an Industrial Age, which I strongly recommend along with the work of Mike Dash.


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