Buckley’s Chance

Emerging from the Victorian bush in 1835 after thirty-two years with the Wadawurrung people, William Buckley has never ceased surprising Australians. In this episode, hear how an illiterate escaped convict became a rare link between alien cultures. Buckley changed Victorian history forever, and even today his story can still offer us rare insight into pre-colonial Indigenous lives.


Paul Michael Donovan, academic at Federation University
Professor Fred Cahir, academic at Federation University
Barry Gilson, member of the Wathaurong people
Benjamin Marshall as William Buckley
Jamie Gleeson as John Helder Wedge


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  1. Christine Phillips 23 Aug 2020 — 1:59 pm

    Dear Tales from Rat City, I just listened your Buckley’s Chance podcast after reading Jim Poulter’s ‘What Treaty’. Thoroughly enjoyed your highly engaging and informative podcast and now look forward to listening to your other episodes. Many Kind Regards, Christine Phillips


    • Thanks Christine! We really enjoyed making that episode. I haven’t seen that book myself so I just looked it up, it sounds very interesting. I didn’t realise there was an indigenous eyewitness account of the signing of Batman’s ‘treaty’ and from Barak, the Wurundjeri elder, of all people.


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