Folkapaloreza! Part II

On the 19th of August, Tales from Rat City was invited to participate in the online event Folk-a-pa-lore-za, where folklore pod casters around the world came together to discuss their work, their research and their favourite piece of folklore.

The night took the form of a competition where each podcast was asked to present their favourite example of folklore and, once all stories were told, a discussion and vote for the favourite was held.

Part 1 includes an introduction, and all stories but the final one

Part 2 includes the final story, the discussion, debate, and finally voting for the favourite story.

If any of these stories catch your ear, please do check out the relevant podcast!

Clarence and Richmond Examiner and New England Advertiser (Grafton, NSW : 1859 – 1889), Saturday 13 May 1876, page 4

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