Moonlight At Dawn – Part III

The final episode in our three part series on the dashing and doomed Captain Moonlight. Hear as Moonlight is hounded from charismatic reformer to reckless chaos and ruin. Our cast of talented actors bring the Siege of Wantabadgery to vivid, bloody life.


Research by David Waldron
Written by Thomas Hodgson
“Actor Wrangling” Katrina Hill
Recording, Editing & Sound Direction Shannon Nicholls
Title Music Maggie Littlejohn


Andrew Scott/Captain Moonlite: Emil Freund
James Nesbitt: Timothy Corrigan
Thomas Rogan, Witness, Warden: Shannon Nicholls
Thomas Williams, Lindon, Constable Rowe: Tim Harris
Graham Bennet, Chief Inspector Medley: Benjamin Marshall
Gus Wreneckie, David Weir, Constable #3: Beau Adrianius Alexander Shoenmaker
Robert Clark, Journalist: Collin Van Uden
Faulkner MacDonald: David Waldron
Baynes, Sgt Vissard: Kaine Hansen
Mrs Miles: Katrina Hill
Constable Headley, Foreman of Jury: Tim Ian McMullin
Sgt Carrol, Judge: Thomas Hodgson

Many thanks to our listeners, and our Patreons!

Image credits

Arrival of the Wagga Police at Wantabadgery Station. [picture]. (1879). Melbourne: Alfred May and Alfred Martin Ebsworth. State Library of Victoria. Accessed 21/02/2021 at

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