Africa on the Goldfields

In collaboration with the Ballarat African Association, this episode of Tales from Rat City hopes to shed light on the oft-forgotten experiences of African immigrants during Victoria’s gold rush; especially that of John Josephs, the first man to be tried (and exonerated) for treason after the Eureka rebellion of 1854.


Research and script: Dr. David Waldron and Dr. Michael Akindeju
“Actor Wrangling”: Katrina Hill
Recording, Editing & Sound Direction: Shannon Nicholls

We would like to thank Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Germa Adan, Alison Solomon, and the English Folk Dance and Song Society for providing us with the music which accompanies this episode


Narrator: Bretagne Foy
John Josephs, African American from San Francisco paper: Grant Young
Olaudah Equiano: Chike-Obuekwe Ugo
Journalist: Collin Van Uden
Butter Cole Aspinall; Defence Attorney: David Waldron
Rafaello Carboni, William Stawell; Attorney General: Barry Kay
Patrick Lynott, John Lynch: Shannon Nicholls
Interview responses: Dr. Michael Akindeju, Dr Anne Beggs-Sunter

Many thanks to our listeners, and our Patrons!

Image credits

State Prisoners from The Revolt at Eureka’ by R. Wenban. Schools Publishing House, 1959.

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